Someone once wrote, “technological advances have positively impacted the sign industry. CNC routers enable dimensional or architectural production in a fraction of the time – all without the occasional irregularities.” And, “niches remain for artisans who still use quills and sticks.” Like the businesses this person was writing about, A Wild Sign Company has also found it’s niche for distinctive clients who prefer handmade signs’ nuances and unique craftsmanship.


Our objective as designers and craftsmen is to help you find the perfect sign for your business or home. Working one-on-one helps to ensure that the ideas and wishes of our client are met and the final design meets both your vision and has proper artistic balance. If you see something you like and think we can help with your signage needs please do not hesitate to contact us.

~Sharon & Dorothy Wild, owners
Proudly celebrating 20 years in 2012!